The Importance of Signing Legal Documents

Irish-handsMost legal documents need a signature to be effective. The importance of this is illustrated by a recent case in Australia where an estate is going to the wrong party because a legal document was never signed. (more…)

Estate Planning Tips for Blended Families

Bigstock-Extended-Family-Outside-Modern-13915094Blended families are continuously becoming more common in the United States. This creates special considerations that must be taken into account during estate planning because not planning properly for blended families is a good way to ensure that there will be family feuds over an estate. (more…)

Paying the Debts of an Estate

Bigstock-Senior-Couple-8161132When someone passes away, his or her debts become a part of the estate and must be paid. This is one of the jobs of the executor or personal representative. If you are administering an estate, you need to know how to pay the estate’s creditors. (more…)

Princeton’s Largest Ever Bequest

Antique-bible-blur-213A university as old as Princeton has received many bequests, but perhaps none quite as magnificent as a recent bequest that is the largest Princeton has ever received. The university recently revealed the contents of the $300 million bequest. Some amazing treasures are included. (more…)

Infant’s Inheritance Disclaimer Blocked

3538871771_3a3cbb1eb8_zIf someone does not wish to receive a specific inheritance, they can disclaim it. However, what happens if the person is a minor? It is up to the parents to disclaim the inheritance on the minor’s behalf. Recently, a Brooklyn judge rejected one parent’s attempt to do that. (more…)

Why You Need an Ethical Will

WilltestMany people today are choosing to have two wills. One will is a traditional will that decrees how property should be divided. The other will is called an ethical will. It passes down life advice and wisdom. (more…)

Estate Planning and Cohabitation

MP900446487More and more young Americans are choosing not to get officially married, but living together as unmarried couples. This trend creates special needs in estate planning for these couples. (more…)

Different Types of Trusts

MP900387776While all trusts share some similarities, there are many different types of trusts that you can use as part of your estate plan. For that reason, it is helpful to know what some of your alternatives are if you are considering getting a trust. (more…)

Mr. Cub’s Will Contested

Th (2)Legendary baseball player Ernie Banks, known to fans as “Mr. Cub,” passed away recently. Now it appears that there are two disputes involving his passing, including a will contest. (more…)