Stealing an Inheritance

MP900407501Estate administrators are supposed to distribute assets according to the terms of the estate plan. But, what happens if they do not and use some of the money for their own ends? A recent case in the UK shows one of the possible consequences. (more…)

What to Do with an Inherited Roth IRA

MP900448482Different financial instruments have different rules about what can be done with them. The same thing holds true when you inherit the instruments. If you inherit a Roth IRA, the rules are different than a traditional IRA and you need to know what you can do with it. (more…)

Pro Se Estate Planning Forms Coming to Texas?

IStock_000003430681SmallMany state Supreme Courts have pro se forms for people to use when filing different types of legal actions. A Senate proposal in Texas is proposing that the state’s Supreme Court be required to create forms for estate planning and probate. (more…)

Getting Younger Heirs to Invest

Bigstock-Financial-consultant-presents--14508974As is always the case, people in their 20s today have different priorities than their parents and grandparents. Younger priorities often do not include investing in the stock market. This has caused some consternation on Wall Street because today’s young adults stand to inherit a lot of money from their parents. (more…)

Estate Administration and Taxes

MP900385209Before an estate can be closed, all of the proper taxes must be paid. For those who do not have previous experience administering an estate, this can be a daunting task, especially if they do not know what taxes need to be filed. (more…)

Greg Plitt Died without a Will

N8XGUJR3M7Celebrity estate plans are often best known for their mistakes. One recently deceased celebrity made the biggest estate planning mistake of them all. He didn’t have an estate plan. (more…)