Now That’s Awkward!


MP900442227An awkward part of estate planning is telling your kids how much — or how little — they’ll get. Here’s how a financial planner can help. For clients, one of the most stressful aspects of estate planning — already an emotionally difficult process — is the prospect of telling heirs what they plan to do with their assets. Because conversations about legacy plans can be terribly difficult, clients may avoid them at all costs — and the costs can indeed be substantial. (more…)

How to Care for Aging Parents

MP900383004Dealing with aging parents is not only tough emotionally, but financially. A report found that nearly half of family caregivers spend more than $5,000 a year on caregiving, and 30 percent spend more than $10,000. Your parents may need help. Are you ready? (more…)

What’s Your Money Mindset?

6a01b8d0a6271d970c01b8d168e142970c-500piAccording to a poll, 36% of Americans of all ages have not begun saving for retirement—including a rather shocking 25%+ of the 50-64 year-olds surveyed. Of course there are many uncontrollable reasons why people are financially unprepared—losing their job to the recession, an obsolete skill set, disability or runaway medical expenses. (more…)

Tom Brady Versus the Gift Tax

ZV2MRD6LQXIt seems like famous athletes are winning something all time. These men and women are often already extremely wealthy, yet they often win prizes for their achievements beyond their salaries. Rest assured there are tax consequences for them. (more…)

Inheritance Stolen after Social Media Posts Made about It

Wi9yf7kTQxCNeY72cCY6_Images of Jenny Lace Plasticity Publish (4 of 25)While many people prefer to keep their financial affairs private, there are others who have no problem letting the entire world know about them. One young man in Philadelphia is learning the hard way that it is not a good idea to let the world know about your inheritance on social media. (more…)

Estate Planning for Widows

MP900438729Anytime someone loses a spouse, it is important that the surviving spouse’s estate plan be revisited. As it turns out, widows often need something different than widowers. (more…)

Help Wanted: Daughter to Inherit Fortune

0DU466L58GMost people who do not have children to inherit their wealth give it to other relatives or charity. However, one woman in China has a different idea. She is advertising for someone to be her daughter. (more…)