Cutting the Massachusetts Estate Tax

Bigstock-Senior-Couple-8161132When thinking about estate taxes, most people consider the federal estate tax. However, state estate taxes play an equal role in many estate plans. For that reason, it is important to make note when a state is considering changing its estate tax. (more…)

Dog to Receive Fortune

20140512_131300Many people wish to leave things behind for their pets to make sure that they are taken care of after the owners pass away. However, one woman in Queens is taking that to the extreme. (more…)

Obama to Target Capital Gains Loophole

MP900382633 In the State of the Union address President Obama was once again expected to announce proposals to increase taxes on wealthy Americans. While he is not targeting the estate tax, the proposal could have major implications for some estate plans. (more…)

Grave Digger Pleads Guilty

4997A515DBYou are not allowed to dig up someone’s grave without the permission of a court as one man in New Hampshire recently learned. The interesting thing is what was being looked for in the grave. (more…)

Repealing the Estate Tax

MP900411753The estate tax is always controversial. Some people believe strongly in it while others see it as unfair. A new bill in Congress seeks to repeal it completely.


Martin Luther King’s Bible

 6a01b8d0a6271d970c01b8d16f310b970c-500piPersonal effects that ordinarily might be worth very little, can be extremely valuable if they have historical significance or were owned by a famous person. Estate battles over such items are not unusual as is the case with some of Martin Luther King’s personal items. (more…)

Estate Tax in China

Over 100 nations currently have an estate or inheritance tax of some form. China is not one of them, but that might change soon as the government is considering a decade old proposal that would institute an inheritance tax. (more…)

San Diego Attorney Ordered to Repay Trust

When someone radically changes her estate plan to favor someone else who was not mentioned in the original plan, charges of undue influence are common. However, proving undue influence can be difficult, which makes a recent case in San Diego interesting. Giving-to-charity2