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 Why SSS Legal?

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We are an estate planning and business law firm offering you innovative and effective solutions for your domestic and international legal needs.





At SSS Legal and Consultancy Services, APC, we will offer you the utmost sophistication, free of pomp and pretense. We will provide you with sophisticated legal solutions in a language you can understand. SSS Legal and Consultancy Services, APC’s founder has an ivy-league education from one of the nation’s leading law schools. You will receive innovative expertise in a welcoming and friendly environment. Whether your estate is as simple as a house and a few bank accounts, or as complicated as international real estate holdings and business interests, you will be receiving cutting-edge planning and implementation.


Although we provide our clients with legal solutions, we are invested in the business of preventing legal problems. Whatever your situation, whether it involves appointing guardians for your children, establishing a revocable trust to hold your assets, addressing business succession in the event you can no longer manage your company, or creating an estate plan for your aging parents, we are here to assist you in devising a plan that will put you at ease, knowing that your affairs are in order no matter what the future holds.


If you want complicated, we are not for you. Our approach is to keep it simple. Although estate planning and business succession can involve substantial complexity, our goal is to break everything down into its simplest components. Every great building is built brick-by-brick. It eventually becomes a sophisticated architectural monument, but it is still comprised of elemental parts. We will build you a sophisticated plan that will be easily understood by breaking it into its essential components.