About Beverly Jean Diaz-Leslie (“Jean”)

 California Estate Planning Executive Assistant

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Beverly Jean Diaz-Leslie brings the attributes that every law firm should have but unfortunately so many lack. Jean, as she likes to be called, greets everyone with a genuine warmth that is indicative of her Belizean heritage. Whether she is on the phone with a client, or talking to customer support regarding a technical product, Jean will make sure you are smiling. Estate Planning can be a stressful undertaking, and Jean is an expert at making it as smooth and comfortable a process as possible. Beyond her beautiful heart, demeanor, and disposition, Jean brings a wealth of expertise that allows SSS Legal and Consultancy Services, APC to function.


Jean was born and raised in the tropical country of Belize in Central America. As the daughter of a diplomat, Jean made annual trips every year to the United States where she became familiar with American life. She completed her formal education in Belize, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, followed by a graduate degree in Education. After completing her schoolwork, she built a 14-year career in Belize teaching elementary school.


As a teacher, Jean embodied her school motto, “Only the Best is Good Enough.” Ms. Diaz-Leslie brings this same standard to the SSS team. Her relentless attention to detail and never-ending willingness to take care of whatever needs to get done makes her an essential part of SSS Legal and Consultancy Services, APC. In addition to her keen eye for detail, Ms. Diaz-Leslie also has a passion for the arts. She brings this aesthetic eye to her work at SSS. Although law can sometimes be dry, Jean always fills it with beauty, aiding in the design of all SSS products to ensure that what you receive from SSS is both technically expert and aesthetically enriching.


Call today to speak with Jean. You will be glad you did.