Inheritance Stolen after Social Media Posts Made about It

smWhile many people prefer to keep their financial affairs private, there are others who have no problem letting the entire world know about them. One young man in Philadelphia learned the hard way that it is not a good idea to let the world know about your inheritance on social media.


Few details about the incident were released to the public. However, police in Pennsylvania say that a 19-year-old made social media posts about some expensive jewelry he had recently inherited. Not a good idea, so it turns out.


This public posting led to a home invasion.


One morning armed, masked men invaded the poster’s home and made reference to the social media posts during the robbery.


This story highlights why most estate planning attorneys advise their clients to keep their estate plans private. Other people do not need to know what someone else will or has inherited. Period.


Accordingly, if the wrong people learn about an estate plan or an inheritance, then they know whom to target for a robbery or other criminal activity.