Leaving Your Tattoos Behind

6a01b8d0a6271d970c01b8d168e3a7970c-500piIf you want to make many people say “Ewww” and leave your tattoos behind permanently after you pass away, a new service will let you do that.


Many people spend a lot of time and money on their tattoos. To them, it is a form of expression and art. This has traditionally come with the unstated understanding that the tattoos could not be given away after death. If a person is buried, the tattoos are buried as well. If a person is cremated, the tattoos are destroyed. However, a new service seeks to change that.


The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art is now offering a way to preserve and frame the tattoos. When the person passes away, the funeral home is given a kit to cut off the tattoo and send it to the association. There it will undergo chemical treatment, be framed and sent to someone of the deceased’s choosing. Yes, that does mean that a framed and preserved piece of human skin can now be given away. The Daily Examiner reported this story in “Love your skin art? It doesn’t have to die with you.”


While it is always good to have more estate planning options, this is one you should consider only after proceeding with caution. Communication is the key. You do not want to unexpectedly leave someone a piece of your preserved skin without first checking that he or she is okay with it.


However, if you are following good estate planning advice, you already know that communication is essential to a successful estate plan, so you are already communicating with your heirs.


Reference: Daily Examiner (October 12, 2015) “Love your skin art? It doesn’t have to die with you.”