About Ariel Bodden

Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Ariel Bodden was born in Los Angeles, California to Belizean immigrant parents. As a young child, she moved with her family to their hometown in Belize City, Belize. She lived in Belize for a number of years prior to returning to Los Angeles. While living in Belize, she learned morals and attitudes that she still carries with her today. She honors these “Belizean values” of kindness and care for others in both her personal and professional life.

Before joining our legal team, Ariel spent many years working in the medical field. She utilizes the compassion and patience she learned while working in health care settings to provide our clients with an excellent service experience.

In her free time, Ariel enjoys spending time with her family, eating Italian food, and watching cinema. She also enjoys traveling whenever she gets the chance.

Her favorite thing about working at SSS Legal and Consultancy Services, APC (aside from her exceptional team members, of course), is the extra time, effort, and personal touches we put into each and every client matter. We always strive to make sure our clients feel satisfied with the services received. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy, which makes SSS Legal and Consultancy Services, APC a delightful place to work.