A Reputation Changing Will

Wills-trusts-and-estates-coveredThe name Alfred Nobel is now associated with philanthropy and the Nobel prizes, but that was not always the case. It was his will that changed how Nobel was perceived and now for the first time that will has been put on public display.


During his lifetime Alfred Nobel was perceived as a warmonger. Why? He amassed a fortune producing dynamite for use in Europe’s many wars.


When he died in 1896, a few lines in his will left a large chunk of that fortune to create what we now know as the Nobel Prizes. Interestingly, one of the prizes is the Nobel Peace Prize.


At the time of his death, the will was not without controversy. It seems Nobel did not tell anyone about his plans. In fact, his family went to court to attempt to overturn the will! However, they were unsuccessful.


Now, as reported by Art Daily, in an article titled “Alfred Nobel’s last will and testament goes on display for the first time in Stockholm,”this famous will has been put on display for the first time.


Perhaps, the story of Nobel’s will might inspire you to do something similar by making provisions in your will for a cause that will outlive you.


If yes, then an experienced estate planning attorney can help you with that objective. Nevertheless, do not make the same mistake as Mr. Nobel.


Be sure to inform your loved ones of your plans now so they will not quibble later.


Reference: Art Daily (March 17, 2015) “Alfred Nobel’s last will and testament goes on display for the first time in Stockholm.”



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